Braille Translation: Bridging The Information Gap

The Braille system is much like the English alphabet system except for the fact that it is physical. It is used by blind people. They touch the text written or printed in Braille to read and understand it. Each Braille character consists of six dots, and one or some or all of those dots are embossed. These characters represent a letter from the English alphabet. They can be felt with the fingers when touched.

  • Braille Translation, You can now buy any textbook and easily produce a version of it that can be "read" by a visually impaired person.

  • How does Braille Translation work?

    Braille translation works in a simple way: you go to this online Braille translator and then you can output the Braille translation into a special printer called a Braille embosser. This way you can transcribe books and make them useful for the blind.

  • How has it helped the blind?

    Before the coming of tools like the online Braille translator, blind people didn’t have access to books which were available to others. Modern means of Braille translation has bridged the gap of information between those who are visually impaired and those who are not.