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"Like I've always said, love wouldn't be blind if the braille weren't so damned much fun." - Armistead Maupin

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Free Online Braille Translator

This is a free online tool which converts English words, phrases or sentences to Grade 1 Braille notations. Grade 1 Braille is the simplest form of Braille alphabet which is formed by a simple letter-by-letter translation of English letters into Braille letters.

The earlier form of Braille translations were done by humans on embossed paper. However, with the advent of technology and innovation in the field of education for the visually impaired, it has now become possible to achieve the same results without human effort.

All About Braille

There are millions of blind people in the world today and there are very few resources which actually help them lead a good life. A lot of research is still going on to find ways to improve the lives of the visually impaired.

There will always be new developments towards helping blind people live better lives. However, the present situation demands tools that can help the maximum number of people in minimum time.

A Better World For The Blind

While a lot of people choose to sympathize with the visually impaired, we prefer breaking the status quo and actually helping these people in some way. Hence, we have developed this free online Braille translator that can help blind people read anything they want without having to buy books.


You can convert English words, phrases or sentences to Grade 1 Braille notations.
Using this translator is really simple. You just have to enter the text in the box and click on the “Show Braille” button.
Yes, this tool is absolutely free to use.